Michele's paintings, whether in oils or pastels, are done in
the style of the old masters....on stretched raw linen. Her
classical training is evident in the masterful use of color, light
and shadow. Each painting is done in 4 to 8 layers for the
style immediately and her buyers are located in every state.
Michele Kapor was born into a ranching family in Montana
and can appreciate the closeness of a mountain valley or the
expanse of a desert sky. After graduating with a Bachelor of
Arts degree from Arizona State University, she spent the next
decade in the travel business. She is a world traveler and
has spent many hours studying the various moods and
lighting of landscapes all over the globe. Her career has
taken her from the Bay Area of California back to her roots in
Montana where she now resides and works from her home
studio. Some of her most recent shows include the Montana
Land Reliance Show, Bigfork, the Montana Professional
Artists Association Show, the Treasure State Invitational Art
Show , the Settler's West Annual Miniature Americana Show,
Tucson and many others throughout her 30 year career.

She is currently the Vice-President of the Montana
Professional Artists Association. She is a founding member of
MPAA and the Two River Movement artists groups. Kapor is
also a member of the Oil Painters of America (OPA).